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Gypsum & Portland Self-Leveling  Underlayments

Gypsum cement floor underlayments are part of the rated floor ceiling assembly for apartment projects.  They improve acoustical performance and fire resistance. When combined with an acoustical sound mat, our products will decrease the impact sound transmission between floors.  

We utilize self-leveling underlayments ranging from 2000 to 10000 PSI. Projects we cover include:

  • New Apartments / Condos

  • Retail and Commercial Space

  • Tennant Fitouts

  • Renovation of Interior Flooring

Below is a link to more information about the different types of gypsum underlayments and how they are effective:

USG Levelrock 2500     

USG Levelrock 2500 Fiber Reinforced

USG Levelrock 3500

USG Levelrock 3500 Fiber Reinforced

USG Levelrock 4500

USG Levelrock 4500 Fiber Reinforced

USG Levelrock CSD Early Exposure

USG Levelrock Commercial RH Floor Underlayment

Durock Quick-Top

Durock Proflow

Durock RH-100 Moisture Vapor Reducer

Levelrock All Purpose Sealer

Levelrock Installation Guide

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