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Concrete & Waterproofing

We provide concrete & waterproofing TURNKEY installations.  Why allow a concrete contractor who is not accustomed to working on a waterproofed substrate to perform the work when you can get both from one company. 

Sound Structures, Inc. specializes in pouring above grade concrete topping slabs, breezeways, stair treads & landings in apartments, townhouses and condominiums. 

We have taken the lost art of pouring thin concrete decks to a whole new level. We offer entire concrete deck systems at a competitive price and at the highest level of quality, providing the complete concrete and waterproof deck system.

Our typical concrete breezeway or balcony systems include:

  • 105 mil flashing membrane

  • 60 mil sheet applied membrane

  • Detail Sealant at all laps and terminations

  • Aluminum T-Bar forms at open edges

  • 26 gage metal drip edge flashing installation under the TBar

  • Normal weight & light weight concrete applications 

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